Roatan Honduras | Wedding | Rafa & Marcela

Where do you start with a wedding like this? I guess It would have to be last year when I met them for the first time. And by meet, I’m talking Skype.

This was a first for Christy and I! Rafa and Marcela lived in Brazil, We lived in Phoenix, and the wedding was in Honduras. Needless to say, the time zones were crazy!!!!

Anyhow, we have met with destination couples over Skype many many times. . . but this was the first. . . .and maybe this seems trivial. . . .but this was the first time I have ever had the video go live, and I see the Bride-to-be sitting on the Groom’s lap. I don’t know why that struck me as special, but it has stuck with me ever since.

In the time between meeting them and their wedding we became pretty close friends. Digital Date Nights, lots of Facebook messenger and many many laughs through emails and quick notes. Before we knew it, they had become close friends of ours and their wedding had become that much more special to us.

Now to be fair. . . .you never can tell what to expect when being welcomed into a group of friends and family you have never met. Then mix in that Christy and I don’t know a lick of Portuguese and I’ll be the first to admit that I was a bit nervous. It took all of about 23 seconds for that to be completely blown away.

Through out the years Christy and I have been more than fortunate to be welcomed into many groups. Both friends and families. And many times we walk away humbled and awe inspired by the closeness that these groups all share. We always feel a bit taken back and grateful to be welcomed into their inner circle if only for a day. . . . . but this was different. This was the first time that we were scolded for not eating with the family. . . .and yes. . . .SCOLDED. . . .like Rafa pointed at me. . . .called me out and said . . . . “In Brazil, you never eat alone. . . you are one of us now”.

Now, I haven’t been scolded in quite some time. . . .not since I was at least 37 (my wife and I work together). . . . but there’s an old saying from a donkey in the movie Shreck.

“WOW!!! Only a TRUE friend would be that honest” . . . . And that’s exactly what Christy and I consider these two, their friends and their family to be.

Marcela and Rafa, we are absolutely honored to have shared in this experience with you and will forever cherish your friendship.

Many hugs,
Jasen & Christy

ACK!!! How could I almost forget!!!! So while THIS post is all about their wedding. . . .their UNDERWATER day after session can be seen riiiiiiiight HERE! Def check it out. But while I have your attention, make sure you check all the Photos below first 😉

To see all the wedding photos, click right. . . .HERE

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