Roatan Honduras | Day After | Rafa & Marcela

2 of our favorite words in wedding photography are Romantic. . . .and . . . . . . Adventure. These two are exactly that. . . .and then some.

When Rafa, Marcela and myself first talked about a day after session, I could hear both the excitement and anticipation in their voice. They wanted unique. They wanted exciting. I remember one of their exact phrases was “We want to feel like those people look. . . .and then look that way too ;)”

So that was the goal. We talked ideas. We talked dreams. And as the weeks before the wedding approached, we still didn’t have the exact concept planned out. . . . . but I knew it was there. . . .waiting to scream at us when we found it.

That scream came one evening as we sat on the beach. Watching the sunset fade into dark blue and feeling the warmth still in the sand while the cool breeze touched our faces. It was quiet and the dive boats were just getting back from their sunset cruises. . . . and there it was. . . . the bright glow of sand beneath the water. . . .under a dive boat.

I grabbed Christy. . . .pointed and said. . . .”There! THAT is what we are doing! Tomorrow morning I’m going to talk to Rafa and Marcela and see what they think about an underwater/night/portrait shoot!!!!”. . . . .She kinda laughed, and simply said “Go for it!”. . . . .off to the boat I ran, nearly tackled the captain before he could escape and booked us a boat.

The next morning we ran into Rafa and Marcela. . . .a little nervous about what they would think.

“Marcela. . . .Rafa. . . .I know we have the beach shoot planned. . . .but I wanted to know what you think about something a little extra. . . .after that. . . . .in the dark. . . .so. . . . . . . . .”

HA!!!! Seriously. . . .I could have told them we were flying into a volcano and they would have been down.

And that’s how this started! The rest as they say. . . is history. An adventure that Dr. Indiana Jones himself would marvel at. . . .all while in a wedding dress and a tux. . . .you two are incredible!!!

HUGE HUGE thank you to Denisse Mazu of Clearwater Adventures. . . . . we seriously could not have done this without you. You’re amazing.

Hugs to all!!!


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