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We met these two through the lovely world of the internet, sparks flew, and an amazing relationship was born. One that I THOUGHT Christy and I would be prepared for. . . . . Nope, Nope, and a dash of nopperie.

I’ll never forget the feelings as we walked into Rob & Lindsey’s rehearsal dinner. They invited us as guests, and because we had never met their family or visited the area. . . . .and it was a lobster. . . .ehhh. . . .lobsta bake in Rhode Island. . . . we just couldn’t say no! I mean. . . .right?

And that’s when it began.

Rob’s mom instantly walks over, open arms. . . . “OH YOU MUST BE CHRISTY AND JASEN?!?!?”

Lindsey’s dad was next. “Jasen. . . .can I get ya a drink?”

Then Aunts, and uncles and brothers. . . .and grandparents.

It was a night not just of meeting new people and making new friends. . . .but becoming part of a group. Part of a family that was growing from 2 to 1. And it was awe inspiring.

And the best part about this/these families was the hardest part for us. . . .we didn’t know who was a part of which! They were all the same. Everyone mingled and laughed. . . .shared stories both new and old. . . . but none of it ever had a “dividing” sense of who belonged to which family.

IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!! We hadn’t even made it to the wedding and the experience of #ToastingTheTodiscos was already something that we would feel for a long long time.

OH! I mentioned there was a wedding didn’t I?!

How do I put into words what Lindsey and Rob created? I can’t. I could try but not in a million years could I do justice to what their day felt like. Not in words at least.

But I do want to mention something in particular that Lindsey did for her family. . . . and if you aren’t looking for it, you might not understand.

If you watch closely, you will notice a series of portraits with enlarged vintage wedding photos in the back. Those photos are of the families parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandparents. . . it just depends on what generation you’re from. . . . . impressive on it’s own. . . . but I wish I could explain what it was like watching Lindsey’s grandmother see her parents in the photo. The way it stopped her, as she raised her hands to her face, walked over and touched the photograph. . . and cried. It was, by far, one of the most emotional moments Christy and I have witnessed through out all of our weddings.

And THAT is what made up Rob and Lindsey’s wedding. Each detail was a personal reflection of what means the most to them. What makes them up. What they want to share with their friends and family. And what will make their marriage one of the sweetest love stories of all time. No moment to big to slowdown and take in, none to small to feel it’s effect. All of it had a place in their day. . . . .and their day was all about them. . . .their friends. . . . .their family.

Thank you both SO SO SO much for including us in your day. What we took away from our time with you is something that we look forward to expanding on for many years to come.

Love you and both your families. . .
Jasen & Christy

Enjoy 🙂 OH!!!! And before I forget. . . .it’s not over. . . .they have a Romantic Adventure Shoot that we follow all this up with. . . . .but that’s for tomorrows post 😉 So tune into that for sure!!!

(to see their full wedding collection, click HERE)

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Special thanks to an amazing venue and team to work with this incredible wedding. Be sure to check them all out!

Castle Hill Inn
Hoo Films
PDR Events Inn

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