“My person” – Proposal surprise in Roatan, Honduras

Writing this post is probably one the most exciting post, near and dear to my heart! It happened just over a week ago.  My brother proposed to his girlfriend!!!!! I want to start from the begging though. Where else to start after all?!?!?

As many of you know, my brother is one of my besties.  He was my Man of Honor at our wedding and we talk a good few times a week if not once a day about life and whats going on in our world. When he met Meg, life was different.  He wasn’t the Jessse I always knew.  He was passing through a season of life and needed some help shoveling the snow.  One conversation really sticks out to me to this day.  I remember asking him about this “new girl”.  When was their first date? Any and all details he could give me.  Hmmmm… I’m now wondering if I should share this or save for my speech at the wedding. Lol!  Anyway, I remember our conversation after their first date.  He said she was really, really cool and to ally down to earth.  His exact words where that she was “completely normal”. I could tell he was hesitant to accept this and was waiting for something catastrophic to happen and ruin it all.  A month or so went by and every time we talked I would ask about her. There was always something missing in his tone.  This was yet my brother.  I remember telling him “you deserve to be loved and to love.”  Somewhere along the way he had lost this in life.  “You deserve to love the way I know you love and you deserve to be loved in return.”

My brother for as long as I had known him had been one of the greatest to love.  He would love our mother the deepest, love me though anything and everything and dote on whoever he was dating.  He was always this man that loved to show affection, would light up and laugh about and with the one he loved.  I loved being around and with him when he was with someone he “loved”.

Im just going to take credit for talking him through and reminding him of how great and possible love is. This love stared differently and exceeded any kind of love I had ever seen him in. Needless to say that when I met Meg for the first time I ran to her with open arms and just wanted to eat her up.  I remember always checking in with Jesse after to make sure he was just as crazy (still) about her as I was.  I wanted to keep her forever.  He was!!!! They were so happy together!  I say they because her happiness in life is just as important as Jesse’s happiness after all.  It takes two people that truly love to laugh, love and fight it out together knowing they still stand together after the dust settles.  They do all three like a champ! And above all of this, she loves my nephew like he is her own. And worth adding, I’m a bit envious of how much laughter these pull from each other.  It’s seriously nonstop.

So without sounding like a broken, desperate record I would casually (not) ask my brother once a week if he’s thought of when he might want to pop the question.  My smooth move in was by letting him know we had made an agreement in life the we would not photograph our siblings weddings but that if he plans it correctly I could do the engagement!  See what I did there!  I’m good!!!  So when we asked him if he would like to come and “manny” for us while we shot a wedding in Roatan, Hundoras I was secretly (not so secretly) hoping it would happen then.

I know this isn’t about me but if you ask Meg about our relationship she would probably say we have this agreement that nothing is off limits and we talk to each other openly about things normal people don’t share with one another.  I love it! She is one of the few I am ok sharing my vulnerabilities and happiest of happiest with.  Judgement free zone we have going on there.  It’s really beautiful and it says a lot about their relationship since this is what my brother and I have as well.  Well, we don’t share everything, but he gets my crazy and I except his tough love when I won’t except anyone else’s. So for him to find someone that is equal in trust, it’s amazing!

Leading up to the engagement Jesse had mentioned that she was doing more then just alluding to being ready for a proposal.  You know us girls.  The 3 year mark hits and we are like a stop watch ready to blow. Lol! He had mentioned that on every trip she went on she was always ready for him to just show up and surprise her.  So he know she was extra tuned it.  But really, when is she not?  She’s a woman after all!

His big idea to throw her off was to buy her this really ugly promise ring that embodied everything she didn’t want and to give it to her just before he really proposed.  Brilliant right!!!  So we all thought!

The day started with a little girl time for once! Stupid on my part because I was the responsible one that knew what was going on.  But anyway, Meg and I finally got “our” time to swim out to the swim-up bar.  They treated us to 5 shots and lots of jumping off the barge.  Remind you, I can’t do one without feeling all warm inside so needless to say we were having a great time after I got past that one and didn’t care.  It was great!  Girl talk as always and I knew I was talking to my soon to be sister-n-law.  Who had no idea what was about to happen.  I still look back and think we should have carved 3 shots off of that day but it all turned out well.

We went back, she tried to pass out but Jesse wouldn’t let her.  I ate a ton of sliders and down the beach I went to hide in a bush and capture this magic!

As soon as they arrived to the “chosen” destination I could see how nervous my brother was.  She already had on the promise ring.  He had done it earlier down the beach.  I caught him looking around for me a few time.  They took a couples picture for them as they approached.  If they only knew what was about to happen!!!!! The stopped in front of me and I thought to my self “she has to know. This is totally what a guy looks like just before he proposes.” It was amazing how much his face changed once he pulled that ring out of his pocket and knew it was about to happen.  It was as though his nerves just disappear.

She was THRILLED!!!! As the pictures show! After their beautiful moment I ran out ready to hug my new love and she screams “They said you were passed out!” Of course they did and totally believable!  While that part was believable, I quickly learned she knew “it” was coming after the “promise ring” stunt. SHOOT!  We all thought it would work.  It sounded sooooo good. Right?

So I was thrilled to treat them to an in-the-moment engagement session. We were visited by one of our favorite beach vendors, the “Banana Doughnut” guy.  Piven our 4 year old calls him the summer santa!

Jesse did a great job getting everything arranged for their private dinner on the beach ahead of time.  It was perfect in every way. The trip, the engagement, their love, these people!!! It was amazing!

The next few days consisted of us all day dreaming about the small chance of having their wedding on this amazing island.  We strolled by and visited a few other stunning resorts.

I couldn’t be happier for them both.  They both deserve such big love.  As Meg would put it, “he is my person.”  Im so happy he is and that I have you in our life!

Love you both soooooo much! Thank you for loving us and each other so greatly!


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  • April 24, 2015 - 9:00 pm

    Mike - Aww! So awesome! Can I party with your family?!ReplyCancel

  • April 24, 2015 - 9:55 pm

    Trey - you guys are amazing and u have the best sister ever. Who else has a sister who would bring them to Honduras, drink too much and still trek down the beach to photograph their special moment??? I do! Thanks Jasen and Christy for being so great! I think you’ve earned an invite to the wedding.ReplyCancel

  • May 4, 2015 - 8:14 pm

    Michelle N. - love it. love them. yay meggy & trey!ReplyCancel