Jasen + Christy


As a husband and wife team, more often than not, we get to witness the most private of moments.

Honesty and truth reveal them selves in unexpected emotion. We get to witness the purest of seconds two people could possibly have.

Here…..We would like to share a piece of our biggest truth. Our greatest adventure!  One of our most private moments.

Our life behind closed doors and our vows that live through us daily.

And to say thank you to everyone that allows us to be present in theirs.


P I N____________________save this for laterJASEN ~ “My dearest Christy. Over the last 5 years, my life with you has been one amazing adventure after amazing adventure. The studio, the travels, our life and of course our 2 boys. During those adventures we have shared more special moments than I could have hoped for over a lifetime.  And in those moments we have exchanged many many. . . many words. We have shared conversations, exchanged emails, texts and notes; each having a different impact on our lives. And while all those words hold a certain value, nothing could have prepared me for the importance of the following 229 words and what they would mean to my life.

“Hey Christi,

I saw your status update just minutes after you posted it this AM and wanted to say something. I wanted it to be something that was worth saying in moments like these, so I figured I would think before just dropping the traditional “I’m sorry”. . . .Because for some reason, with the little that I have known you, that just didn’t seem to be enough. For the few days of seeing you at DWF, and then chatting with you several times after that, you just seem to be one of those few people in the world that are worth having around.

I sat back down this afternoon with those thoughts still on my mind and noticed you had posted some photos of your mom. I went through them all. . . .TWICE!

Your mom looked like a great lady, and more importantly a fun and happy person that made the world around her a better place.

I know the first paragraph sounded like a compliment to you, but I have no doubt that your family, and your mother have made you the person you are today, and that’s a compliment to her.

I’m truly sorry for you and your family’s loss. If there is anything I could possibly do, just let me know . . . but for now, here’s a digital hug

Take care, Jasen”

So as I contemplated my vows, I thought. . .  “I want this to be something that is worth saying in moments like these”. It’s that phrase that reminded me of my first letter to you. So I sat back down with those thoughts still on my mind, and realized that it all came down to my single vow to you. . . . So here it is. . . .

I vow to always strive to be equal to, or better than the man who wrote that letter. Not always perfect (I did spell your name wrong), but to think before I act. To have your best interests in my heart. And to remember that our family is the core of who we are. . . But most of all, to appreciate you for who you are. Because if the last 5 years has taught me nothing else. It’s that I truly believe that you are one of those few people in the world that are worth having around.”

 Christy ~ I promise it’s coming. Mine never made it off of the paper they were originally wrote on.  I must admit, I’m looking forward to reliving these memories as I search through our wedding box. Coming soon!