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Weddings are often intended to be unique. Each couple wants to add a bit of personality to their day. Their friends and family come together to create a chemistry within their group that’s all their own. That’s what makes each wedding special from the other.

Mike & Kelsey’s wedding was no different. . . .but it was. . . . and it left Christy and I with some of the deepest family admiration that we have felt in a long time.

From the get go, the day started with it’s own tone. Hawaii has a laid back vibe all to it’s own, but Kauai Hi has a calm that’s hard to describe. It’s relaxing and soothing but it doesn’t leave you feeling the need to “chase excitement”. . . .then toss in that the wedding was set among a historic plantation. . . . complete with the sound of rosters each morning.

We found the wedding party tucked away in the main house. As we said our hellos we were expecting the buzz of the “typical” wedding. . . .but it wasn’t there. The bridesmaids were collected and chatting with Kelsey calm as can be. . . . Mike was lounging on a hammock near the beach just taking the day in. . . . the groomsmen were near by with cigars chatting and laughing. There was no BUZZ. It was simply a collection of close friends and family enjoying a spectacular day for whatever it was meant to be.

For Mike and Kelsey. . .that was their “unique”. . . and we were completely wrapped up in it. It’s inspiring to meet families who have figured out what is important to them. . . then to take that, garnish it with some incredible festivities and simply be happy.

Their “happy” was celebrated with a wedding in Hawaii. But this was more than a “wedding” . . . this was closure to some days that are worth celebrating. . . even if that celebration was getting through those days. Days that remind you of the important things in life. The important people in life. The important moments to remember and the ones to savor moving forward.

That’s where the “AND” comes in. Several weeks before the wedding, Kelsey & her father Eric had reached out to us. Eric wanted to renew his vows to his wife Wendy. . . and through some aligning moments, Hawaii had become a certain kind of fate.

So that’s what we did. . . . .that’s what Eric did. . . .and he did it with Style. A couple days after Mike and Kelsey’s wedding. Along a Kauai beach, Wendy was escorted to the location that we were “Photographing” Mike and Kelsey for their day-after-adventure session. The catch was that nobody knew what was REALLY going on. Us, Eric, Mike, Kelsey & the officiant. . . .they were the only ones who knew. In the meantime, Eric had invited everyone else through various reasons to meet at this beach location. . . all in time for the love of his life fulfill a surprise vow renewal.

Life is pretty amazing. We all know it, but we don’t all see it. This family lives it. Both of these vows deserved their own blog post. . . . .but they deserved to be together even more.

To Mike, Kelsey, Eric and Wendy. . . .

We love you. . .we love everything you represent, dream for, and live for.

And without further adieu, I present to you your days.


Jasen & Christy
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