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As many of you know, this is a shoot we have been anxious to share for a little bit now. And while we are excited to reveal each and every event that we are fortunate enough to share in, it’s pretty rare that we get to be a part of something this out of the box and creative. This is something that Christy and I have always dreamed of doing, and this was our first opportunity to do so.

Several months ago one of our brides approached us with an idea. She wasn’t sure it would be possible or how it would turn out, but never the less she presented the idea. She wanted to create a photograph as part of her bachelorette party and she wanted the inspiration was to be “The Beast Inside The Beauty”. She had concepts,  ideas and she let us know that she was dedicated to making this happen. Feeling her excitement, we jumped in with both feet. We spent time looking for make up artists and shopping for furniture. We would routinely text photos of costumes and detail items. I spent weeks stopping by random locations looking for the perfect backdrop. It was going to be 10+ girls. . . .all with personalities of their own. And if that wasn’t enough, even our very own Christy Shipp was in on the action; sporting a white wig and green dress. This had all the makings to be something incredible. but with the vision in mind, we knew we had about 5 min to capture everything needed for a single image. The months of planning all funneled down to a few short minutes.

Before we get to showing you the images, I just want to send a few thank yous to some key people. Besides the amazing bride to be, we also need to thank 2 of the men that helped build wigs with antlers. Jeremy and Jason; bravo. Her bridesmaid Sabrina; high 5. And of course to our incredibly talented makeup artists – Sylvia Medina, Danell Smith, & Hannah Matteson. With out all of you, this just would not have been the same.

Lastly, Amanda. . . .your creativity, drive and dedication to find something unique and different and allow you to remember your bachelorette party as something truly magnificent has been inspiring. Thank you for trusting in us to help you create something that we know you will cherish for a long long time. We hope you love the images as much as we loved sharing in this experience with you.

Jasen & Christy

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