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This wedding was all sorts of different. . . .from the planning, to the timing, to the couple, to the reveal. It was all different. As you know, Christy and I ALWAYS photograph weddings together. But sometimes. . . .somethings. . . .in some places happen in such a special form, that you bend life for those special moments. So this wedding photography comes from the deepest parts of Christy’s heart. . . .and her heart alone. With that said, it’s only fair that you read this from her perspective. . . .instead of mine. Enjoy.



You all know that I am all about living in the now.  I thought for sure I had this down.  That it truly runs through my veins and holds all purpose behind why and what I do for each family and in my personal life.  While yes this is true, I was reminded that what I think and actually do are two different ways of living and believing.

While on our travels through Phoenix AZ this past November I met with my beautiful friend Niki who is battling her second round of life threatening cancer in the last two and a half years.  Already being told she beat it and was cancer free, it returned to another part of her body.  Lets me start by saying this girl is a power house.

She walks into the coffee house with the most amazing glow, tight embrace and huge smile.  I didn’t want to let her go. She’s telling me about everything that’s going on in her body and all of the lifestyle changes she has made.  It really got me thinking and wanting to change my own eating habits with my family. In the middle of it all she says “Oh, and I’m getting married tomorrow!” WHAT? When did this happen?!?!?! She said he asked her last night and they talked about this beautiful wedding in New York and decided “why wait?” So they were going to look at a park by their house at sundown to pick a spot and do it. That their good friend was getting ordained over night and nobody knew. It was thrilling! It was romantic! It was everything life should be! I wish I could put her energy into words. She tells me that life is too short and we aren’t promised tomorrow. I know this!  Why aren’t I living this?  Like really living this…..

Jasen and I planned on leaving the following day to head back to Reno NV, but I new that wasn’t going to happen as soon as she told me.  I told her I was going to do everything I could to photograph them and their day. Then I asked if she had background music of any kind?  Did she have reservations for dinner after, a cake, rings, anything? She said she hadn’t thought about it.  Of course she hadn’t because in all reality these things aren’t what’s really important.  But the thought of it did get her excited and there was a sense of fun pulling these togethers after all.  I told her to let me look into a few things before she tried to plan on her own.

But before I get too far I must mention that I did ask who this mystery man was.  I’ve never seen light like that. . .it beamed through her as I asked her about “him”. His name is Sean!  He is her rock.  He is her everything.  Her protector, her light, her strength when she needs.  He is her crazy random dance move partner when commercials come on. Or at any given moment really.  He is the kind spirit she knew many many years ago that made his way back to her. He was about to become her husband.

With all of this life right in front of me I knew there had to be a bigger purpose.  I knew I wanted to give them the world and knew there were others around me that would want to give themselves too.  We called up our good friend and wedding planner Regina over at Meant 2B Events to see what she thought and if she could help.  I just wanted to cry over her generosity.  She pulled together a cake, makeup artist, DJ and flowers. Not to mention decked out her home and put together the ceremony location.  Above and beyond!  We all pulled it together for this beautiful couple in 24 hours.

The next day I was texting Niki asking her how things were going and she said Sean just stares at her and keeps telling her how beautiful she is.  That this day is a dream and they are so happy. As she walked through the door you could feel her beautiful energy and Sean!!!! I finally got to meet him!  He is one of the kindest, sweetest souls I have ever met!

We head off for the ceremony, the sky falls completely dark.  They ask Niki “Do you take Sean to be your Husband” and before the words could finish Niki starts jumping and screaming “YES, YES’ YES I DO!” It was unlike any ceremony I have ever witnessed.  How raw their responses were.  Not scripted, spontaneous and true to the very moment. They laughed and squeezed each other when ever they wanted. It was beautiful and so perfect!

I took a few minutes to capture just them using the headlights from the truck that brought us all down. I couldn’t help but tear up behind the lens. I’ve never seen two people more on fire for each other. I’ve never truly seen the passion that RIGHT NOW holds between two people that are so connected and only in that moment with and for each other. I honestly don’t even know how to put it into words.

My beautiful friend is a married woman!  Just like that. Niki, you and Sean are such a gift to everyone you cross paths with.  The energy you constantly give so freely to everyone and the way you live like there is no tomorrow.  It’s so incredibly inspiring and beautiful. I am so happy you are living your life. I’m so happy you are smiling and feeling like you again.  You are the brightest most beautiful star I know.  I love you and am so blessed to have you in my life.  Thank you for being you and congrats little wifey!


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